ON DEMAND: Inclusive Learning with Low-Tech Games (15 mins)


  • Christina Grieco George Mason University




In the last several years, colleges have seen a rise in education gamification through digital platforms such as Kahoot! and Quizlet. Although many own smartphones, not all students have the financial resources to purchase devices that would allow them to play online review games. Additionally, the increasing population of nontraditional students means that many students are not part of the “digital native” generation and may not be as comfortable using devices in the classroom. By incorporating interactive, low-tech games into the classroom, instructors can gamify learning while creating an inclusive environment. Board and card games can be used to engage and build community among multigenerational students, since they are collaborative activities that encourage participation. Additionally, students can generate questions for use in gameplay, which empowers learners to feel invested in their educations. The response to low-tech games has been positive in my first-year composition, advanced composition, and introductory literature courses; however, these activities can be used across disciplines to build positive classroom experiences and facilitate learning through play.  In this activity showcase, I will provide an overview of how to create board game templates, adapt instructions to fit different pedagogical needs, and accommodate for a socially-distanced classroom. I will also show instructors how to use games as an assessment tool by creating defined rules with specific learning outcomes.





On Demand Pre-recorded Presentation