SoTL SHOWCASE: Learning from an Unexpected Online Class: Student Feedback on Going Online (5 min lightning talk in 90 minute roundtable)


  • Jessica Hoppner George Mason University, School of Business, Associate Professor - Marketing



NOTE: This is a 5-minute presentation that is part of a 90-min SoTL Showcase Lightning Talks and Roundtable Discussion.

When transitioning from a face-to-face course to an online course, professors are faced with many questions regarding what materials and activities to prepare to help students learn. What the professors view as valuable for student learning and what students view as valuable may be different. An unexpected online class in a marketing research course, due to a building closure before the great COVID online switch, in the early weeks of the Spring 2020 semester provided the opportunity to solicit student feedback on what type of materials and activities they view as valuable when going online. Student feedback on how they prepared for materials from a face-to-face and online class sessions were compared, their impressions of an online class, and suggestions on activities that can be conducted in an online environment improve their understanding of the content was solicited via an extra credit survey. This presentation will walk the participants through the basics of how the class was turned online, how student preparation compared, and the types of activities as recommended by students.

Participants will be able to see the types of activities recommended by students themselves to help their learning in an online environment.

Author Biography

Jessica Hoppner, George Mason University, School of Business, Associate Professor - Marketing

Jessica Hoppner is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Dean’s Scholar at the George Mason University School of Business. She joined George Mason University in 2010. Her research examines the interplay of power, inequity, and social norms for managing inter- and intra- marketing relationships. Dr. Hoppner has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in both Marketing Research and Marketing Management (Strategy and Principles). She was the recipient of the Outstanding Teaching in Major Award 2015.





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