WORKSHOP: Creating Meaningful Connections Between Students' Education and Life After College (40 mins)


  • Elena Chiru George Mason University
  • Rachel Lindsey George Mason University
  • Harbir Antil
  • Michael Von Fricken
  • Dann Sklarew
  • Cindy Parker



Every year, Mason students submit hundreds of nominations to University Career Services for the Faculty Career Connections Award. A panel of faculty who were nominated for the Career Connections Faculty Award will share their strategies for helping students see connections between their coursework and being career-ready while enhancing the quality of their subject matter content. Through a facilitated discussion three faculty panelists will demonstrate how they are: - encouraging students to pursue career goals - inspiring students to deeply engage in learning - clarifying connections between career-relevant skills developed in their courses and competencies that employers demand of successful candidates. The audience will benefit from hearing from their colleagues about low effort, high impact methods for helping students identify and articulate in-demand skills gained from courses across all disciplines in order to strengthen the pathways from undergraduate education to employment or graduate studies.

Career Connection Faculty Awardees Panel

·         Harbir Antil, College of Science (2020) 

·         Michael E. Von Fricken, College of Health and Human Services (2018) 

·         Dann Sklarew, College of Science (2017) 

·         Cindy Parker, School of Business (2015)





WEDNESDAY 1:00pm-1:40pm