Faculty Conversations: Teaching the Whole Student (Book Raffle at 8:30am)

  • Stearns Center George Mason University


Join us at round tables for light refreshments and conversation around this year's theme of "Teaching the Whole Student." 

FORMAT: ~20 tables will have informal conversation leaders to spark discussion with an eye towards this year's theme, the rest will be open tables.

Theme Description for Discussion:

Our students have lives and identities beyond our classrooms that influence their learning. At Mason, we value the diversity of experiences our students and instructors bring into each learning environment on campus.  How can we provide strategies and resources—and model successful integrative approaches—in order to support students in connecting their curricular, professional, and personal goals?


Civil Communication and Creating Community:

•How do you foster a sense of community and belonging in your course? •How do you facilitate civil, supportive, and/or inclusive discourse in your class to enable students to engage meaningfully with people who have perspectives and experiences different from their own? 


“School +”:

•How do you create space for students’ livesand life experiences in the classroom? •What strategies do you leverage to keep coursework flexible for students? •What support structures do you have in place if a student is struggling?  


Reducing Barriers to Access:

•How do you make the “hidden curriculum” of higher education transparent for your students?   •How do you raise awareness of resources and support available to students as part of your coursework? •How do you modify your course materials to increase accessibility (engagement, cost, universal design, remote access, etc.)?  


Self-reflection: Exploration and Self-Discovery:

•How do you guide students to discover their own beliefs, mindsets, and strengths?   •How do you support a growth mindset as they work towards their “future selves” and career goals? •How do you create opportunities for them to explore and “try on” different roles and experiences?  
8:00am-9:00am Faculty Conversations & Breakfast