Synchronous Online Learning: Tips and Tricks from 9 Years of Experience

  • Theresa Wills George Mason University


At 4:30pm, several times a week, Dr. Wills puts on a pair of headphones and welcomes students as they enter the virtual classroom door to her synchronous online course.  Students engage in hands on problem solving and group discussions. Dr. Wills uses various strategies to ensure that the student’s thinking is visible and that students can voice their ideas through audio or chat box.  Leave with several slide templates as well as tips and tricks from this 9 year veteran on how to take your Face-2-face course or asynchronous course to synchronous!


***This workshop is presented in synchronous form.  No technology experience is needed. Please make sure that you can hear and that you are in a location to speak out loud.****



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Theresa Wills, George Mason University

George Mason University

3:35pm-4:15pm Mini-Workshops, Panels, & Roundtables