Strategies To Increase Active Reading And Engagement Among Students

  • Wendi Manuel-Scott George Mason University
  • Sharrell Hassell-Goodman George Mason University


Location: JC Room F


This session is for faculty members who are frustrated when students come to class without completing the assigned reading. This session will provide strategies and recommendations to increase active reading, critical thinking, and engagement in the classroom. Are you tired of coming to class excited and ready for students to engage in the reading, only to find a handful of students, at best, have actually completed the reading? Participants will learn multiple strategies and recommendations to increase active reading and engagement. As students implement these interlocking strategies they gain valuable techniques of how to read more effectively and have greater agency over their learning experience. Each of the strategies can be adopted and edited to meet student needs and course requirements. Presenters will demonstrate the ways in which these strategies assist in holding students accountable to the course readings, while also increasing reading comprehension. Additionally, they will discuss how the strategies have been implemented in 100 to 500 level courses. As a result of this session, instructors will be able to implement various interlocking strategies to increase student's active reading skills, critical thinking, and engagement. In turn, faculty members will find that more students are willing to productively participate, ask questions, and interrogate course concepts.

Author Biography

Wendi Manuel-Scott, George Mason University

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

School of Integrative Studies 

10:30am-11:10am Mini-Workshops, Panels, & Roundtables