Making Teams Work: Enhancing Commitment To Team And Teammates

  • Andrew Finn George Mason University


Location: JC Room G 

A common problem in group work is helping undergraduate students understanding the commitment required to work successfully in teams. Over the years, I've learned that it's not enough to tell students that successful team members demonstrate trust, cooperation, support, and mutual respect. When I first began using Team-Based Learning, I developed a series of four short readings tilted Making Teams Work 1-4 that address validation (acknowledgment), integrity, commitment, personal responsibility, generosity of spirit, and being frank with people. Following the readings, students engage in discussions and in-class exercises that aim to overcome and change negative attitude and behavioral tendencies that undermine many student teams. I will provide my Making Teams Work readings and exercises to any attendees that would like to use or modify them.

Author Biography

Andrew Finn, George Mason University

T. Andrew Finn is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication here at GMU. His advanced degrees are in Psychology. Dr. Finn came to academia after a career in the tech sector, primarily with AT&T and Bell Laboratories, working on communication and information technologies from a variety of perspectives including computer programming, human factors and user interface design, technology implementation and training, voice mail product management, and voice processing product line planning. For more than 20 years, he's been teaching a variety of topics in communication, including public speaking, interpersonal, intercultural, and organizational communication. Dr. Finn is also a professional speaker and trainer. He has helped thousands of executives, managers, students, and Toastmasters create and deliver entertaining and memorable presentations.

2:45pm-3:00pm Teaching Activity Showcase