"Learning Portfolios" As A Tool For Competency Development

  • Stephen Brown George Mason University


Location: Dewberry Hall

The use of the Blackboard "portfolio tool" appears to be an underutilized resource at Mason compared to other settings of higher education. When designed and used properly, this tool has been demonstrated to be a significant resource in promoting a habit of self-directed, life-long learning as it effectively promotes the development of relevant competencies. With an increasing emphasis by programs focusing on competency-based, experiential learning, the "Learning Portfolio" is a type of portfolio that has proven to be an effective tool to organize, measure, and monitor a studentâs learning. It provides an effective method to document the resources that a student has found helpful, their reflections on their learning; their instructors' feedback, and the level of their progress over time.

Author Biography

Stephen Brown, George Mason University

Steve Brown has taught at Mason since 1988 and teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses in health care accounting and finance in the College of Health and Human Services. He has experience in f2f, hybrid, and on-line teaching. He holds a M.S. in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina.

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