UNIV Courses and Programs - How They Support Students in Your Discipline


  • Jacquelyn Nash George Mason University




We all have a role to play in supporting Mason students as they become engaged citizens and well-rounded scholars who are prepared to act.   With this holistic image in mind, UNIV Courses and Programs has continued over the last twenty years to expand its offering of undergraduate transition, career readiness, student leadership, research and scholarship, and academic success courses.  We now offer 40 courses with a total of 138 section offerings for the fall 2018 semester.  Nationally-recognized student transition professionals have noted that they know of no other program as robust in supporting student success as our UNIV Courses and Programs at George Mason University. 

Our goal is to help students navigate key transitions during and after their time at Mason.  We conceptualize a developmental process of acclimation, exploration, preparation, and pursuit.  In tandem with academic studies and co-curricular experiences, our UNIV courses offer knowledge and resources that help shape new global leaders who embody vision, justice, clarity, tolerance, and respect and are prepared to move out into the world.

UNIV courses are open to all undergraduate students at any time during their college career.  With improved understanding of the range of courses available, faculty will be prepared to recommend specific UNIV courses to promote student learning and student success. 

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Jacquelyn Nash, George Mason University

Center for Academic Advising, Retention, and Transitions