Why Lynda Is My New Best Friend


  • Steve Brown George Mason University




I use Lynda.gmu.edu video material in three ways in my classes.  First, Lynda is a resource to develop student skills that they are expected to bring with them when they come into the course or program, but unfortunately, they may not possess these, or they need significant improvement.  In these cases the student uses the Lynda material on their own.   Second, as a resource to improve studentsâ skills as either a supplement or a compliment to material presented in class.  In these cases Lynda material addresses areas that are actively taught in class, but are provided another perspective.  Third, students will use Lynda to go into other areas on their own.  These may either connect the course material to another area that they want to explore, or to take the course material and go to a deeper level where they find additional value.  

Author Biography

Steve Brown, George Mason University

Assistant Professor