Course (Re)Design Academy: Mental Health First Aid Course


  • Katie Clare George Mason University
  • Patrice Levinson George Mason University



active learning, student engagement


We will share how we took our training as facilitators of Mental Health First Aid through the National Council for Behavioral Health and created a 1-credit, upper-level course option for students. This opportunity provides practical information that students can utilize in their communities, can list on their resumes, and can be handy for various leadership opportunities on campus. Mental health and the diagnosis of mental illnesses is a common topic of concern in the higher education environment, and the creation of the course was intended to respond to those areas of need. Participants will better understand Mental Health First Aid and the current landscape of the topic for the college environment. Participants will better understand the experience of the Course (Re)Design Academy and why they may want to participate.

Author Biographies

Katie Clare, George Mason University

UAA, Assistant Dean

Patrice Levinson, George Mason University

Student Health,àNurse Practitioner