Using Nearpod Mobile Technology to Maximize Active Learning


  • Kirstin Riddick Northern Virginia Community College
  • Patricia Cooper Northern Virginia Community College



active learning


Nearpod, a web 2.0 tool, breathes new life into existing PowerPoint and multimedia slideshows. This tool enables instructors to incorporate activities that promote student engagement within their existing materials. Students are able to answer open ended questions, participate in quizzes, draw and diagram responses using any web-enabled mobile device. Additionally, students can participate in VR experiences, 3D simulations, and other types of multimedia immersive opportunities through the use of this resource. Nearpod lessons can be teacher or student paced, which is ideal for in-person, hybrid, or online instruction. When students engage in the content and respond to questions, quizzes, or polls, instructors are provided immediate feedback. In turn, instructors can share with the class and provide feedback with the students.

Once lessons are created, instructors can share content with colleagues, building content-based libraries for future use. Nearpod integrates well with a plethora of technologies like Google Apps for Education and Microsoft. Nearpod partners with curriculum content providers to offer a myriad of lessons that already exist for instructor use. Instructors can preview the material and remix to meet the needs of their students.

Nearpod also provides detailed reports and analytics which can be used ideally to drive instruction and make sound data driven decisions. One can take a holistic view of the data and drill down information by question or by student. Instructors can download reports and share them with others if necessary.

Author Biographies

Kirstin Riddick, Northern Virginia Community College

Coordinator, Instructor/Trainer

Patricia Cooper, Northern Virginia Community College

Intructor Trainer