Re-Imagine Texts, Highlight Identity


  • Seth Andrew Hudson George Mason University



student writing, digital story, creativity


Discussing the topic through experiences in the game writing and narrative design classroom, this talk addresses the effectiveness of incorporating multimedia projects into the revision process.à Seeking revision techniques that embraced the best practices of the writing classroom while attempting to extend the work outside of class, the speaker augmented a traditional assignment with an audiovisual revision introduced after an initial text draft.à Challenging students to re-imagine alphabetical texts as digital stories requires reflection to express their ideas in novel ways that engage a specific audience.à The digital story revision also encourages students to highlight their individual personalities through their choices in voice and content delivery beyondàthe traditional syntax and tone of writing. Regardless of the specific content, students can more easily disseminate their work via video hosting sites and social media AND potential employers via a web portfolio.à Additionally, this practice allows for a more practical and meaningful alternative to classroom presentations while developing skills in familiar software. The speaker will present a practical framework for implementing this technique into a course, how to avoid various pitfalls, and highlight some student successes.


Takeaway: Instructors will find that this method is equally useful in online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses; utilizes technology familiar to almost all faculty and student; allows students to be creative and imaginative in addressing any topic; and provides skills that will help students and faculty in almost any future venture in the classroom.

Author Biography

Seth Andrew Hudson, George Mason University

Assistant Professor, Game Writing





4:15pm-5:30pm POSTER SESSION (Group A- 4:15-4:45pm)