Increasing Student Self-Efficacy and Engagement Using Journals, Especially in the Flipped Classroom


  • Amy Schmidt Hampton University-GMU Alumni
  • Nar Rawal Hampton University



active learning, STEM education, collaborative learning, student engagement, student writing, digital tools, pedagogy


Increasing student self-efficacy and engagement using journals, especially in the flipped classroom

Our goal is to increase student self-efficacy and engagement by using journals, e.g., Blackboard Journals. We focus on the flipped classroom, which naturally fosters student engagement. We use journals to further enhance this level of engagement with prompts for students to reflect on their role in the learning process.

We present student journal entries that exhibit increased self-efficacy. We also present journal prompts that encourage active learning. For example, one such prompt is, ââ¬ÅChoose a video [assigned for homework] that was the least helpful, and find another video on the same topic that improves your understanding.ââ¬Â Another prompt is, ââ¬ÅWhat did you do to prepare for the first exam, and what will you do the same/differently to prepare for the second exam?ââ¬Â

We encourage our fellow educators to consider incorporating journals in a flipped classroom. Moreover, we suggest that reflective journaling can be useful in a traditional classroom.

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Amy Schmidt, Hampton University-GMU Alumni

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