The New Science of Learning: How Research is Changing the Way We Teach


  • Todd Zakrajsek



pedagogy, student motivation, active learning


The "science" in oneââ¬â¢s field is designed to inform and advance the discipline, and where appropriate the society in which one lives. The pace at which new discoveries have changed just about everything over the past 50 years can make oneââ¬â¢s head spin. Televisions that were relatively recently very small and in black and white are now as large as buildings and in 3D. Written communication just 30 years ago was conducted through letters and is now largely replaced by e-mails, instant messaging, and snap chats. What about teaching?à What do we now know about how learning works that can inform better teaching practices? Although a proliferation of misinformation pertaining to how students learn and how best to teach still exists, significant advances are being made. This session is designed to provide you with evidence about how students learn, show you methods to get students more involved in the content, and demonstrate relevant applications from pedagogical research that can be used in just about any class.à