SOTL: Profiles of Student Engagement in a Required Engineering Course

  • Daria Gerasimova George Mason University
  • Jill Nelson George Mason University


Note: This talk is part of a single SoTL session that runs from 1-2:30pm in JC Room B and includes a series of "lightning talks" that are ~5 minutes each followed by a roundtable discussion about the projects and SoTL in general. This is a great session for those interested in learning the outcomes of SoTL efforts, those interested in how to start their own SoTL project, and for experienced researchers who are interested in learning about other approaches and methodologies.


In this SOTL study, we developed student engagement profiles in an undergraduate electrical engineering course and investigated potential differences in achievement among the profiles. Behavioral and emotional engagement were measured using a survey completed by students at the end of the semester, and cluster analysis suggested four engagement profiles. These profiles point to diverse ways in which instructors may structure activities to engage students.