Experiential learning for the classroom and beyond.

David Heath, Kate Trygstad

Session Information

Year: 2016 | Time: 4:15pm-5:45pm (Poster Session) | Location: (Fenwick 2nd Floor) Poster Session


**Join us for a Teaching DEMO at our poster at 4:45pm**

This poster will exhibit the benefits of using experiential learning techniques facilitated through The EDGE – The Mason Center for Outdoor Experiential Learning.  Theoretical foundations of experiential learning (Dewey, 1925/1998; Itin, 1999; Kolb, 1984) will be highlighted that will contribute to student development and academic growth.  Research (Baker, Jensen, & Kolb, 2002) has shown experiential learning to be an effective approach in strengthening class discussions that are essential in innovative and dynamic learning environments.  The EDGE is a Mason resource that Faculty can utilize to support foundational learning components such as critical thinking, communication, resource management, and productive relationships as well as provide opportunities for facilitated group reflection. Faculty and Staff will become aware of The EDGE’s offerings as a tool to establish a thriving learning environment and to increase their students’ confidence, competence, capacity and collegiality.


experiential learning; participative reflection; experiential education; critical thinking; reflection


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