Students as scholars courses and student learning outcomes: A realignment

Bethany Usher, Stephanie Hazel

Session Information

Year: 2016 | Time: 4:15pm-5:45pm (Poster Session) | Location: (Fenwick 2nd Floor) Poster Session


During the summer, a group of faculty will be looking at the Students as Scholars student learning outcomes and course definitions. After five years, we have seen that some of the elements are too broad or too narrow, and that the course descriptions are difficult understand. My expectation is that, at the least, there will be a simplification in the elements of the student learning outcomes. This poster will be a visual representation of those changes, presented as a part of a campus-wide discussion of any changes. I will provide a full abstract of the poster at the end of the summer.


inquiry-based learning; research experiences for undergraduates; multidisciplinary learning; assessment

Full Text:

Poster (PDF)


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