Integrating multimedia and LMS tools to cultivate creative and reflective learners.

David J Miller

Session Information

Year: 2016 | Time: 1:00pm-1:40pm | Location: Innovation Hall (Room 208)


The challenge for an instructor, no matter the delivery system, is to inspire students towards creative thinking.  Online asynchronous and hybrid courses provide a unique opportunity for instructors to harness mobile multimedia tools such as tablets, and smart phones coupled with Learning Management System (LMS) tools to enhance instructor presence as well as student engagement in the creative process through real-time collaboration and feedback.

In this 40-minute “how to” presentation, attendees will be reintroduced to multimedia tools readily available to them like smart phone and tablets along with inexpensive presentation tools such as Camtasia to make engaging presentations.  Using Distance Education courses in media criticism and online journalism, the presenter will demonstrate a few tips and tricks to improve image and sound quality.  In addition to utilizing lecture presentations, attendees will learn how to integrate multimedia into announcements as well as in “instructional” videos on how to think and write creatively and make presentations using video blogs.

Finally, the presentation will explore student-teacher collaboration tools such as Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and Video Blogging via Kaltura CaptureSpace.  Furthermore, Blue Pulse – a unique social feedback platform will be discussed as it relates to designing engaging content.


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digital tools; teaching online; active learning; experiential learning; critical thinking; creativity; active learning; collaborative learning

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