Using reflective writing to enhance student engagement, inquiry, critical thinking, and learning

Lisa Lister

Session Information

Year: 2016 | Time: 1:00pm-1:40pm | Location: Innovation Hall (Room 206)


Student engagement is often touted as a key component of enhancing student’s ability to learn and helping students becomes lifelong learners. But engaging students, helping them invest in the class, making their learning more visible, and helping them see how various course components connect can be challenging, particularly in active learning classes. One approach is to implement more reflection and reflective writing throughout our courses and assignments.

This session will explore a range of strategies for integrating student reflection throughout complex writing assignments or long-term projects and throughout the course to enhance engagement and intrinsic motivation, facilitate critical thinking, help students be more aware and in control of their learning and learning processes, and facilitate learning transfer. While focused on practices developed in composition and literature classes, particularly in a Students as Scholars based research-writing class, these strategies can be successfully implemented in any course. 


critical thinking; reflective practice; persistence; inquiry-based learning


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