Crystal Growth and Characterization of Kagome Magnet DyAgGe


  • Anisha Talreja
  • Hari Bhandari
  • Dr. Peter Siegfried
  • Dr. Nirmal Ghimire



Topological quantum materials have shown great applicability to numerous fields, ranging from electronics to quantum computation, due to the presence of several fascinating physical properties, such as the quantum Hall effect. Materials containing Kagome nets of magnetic atoms, in particular, have exhibited interesting properties due to the inherent electronic structures such as Dirac and flat bands and magnetic frustration. Here, we study a material that has a quasi-Kagome net of a rare earth magnetic element. The compound of interest, DyAgGe, crystallizes with a hexagonal structure in the space group P-62m in which Dy atoms make the quasi-Kagome net. It orders magnetically below 15 K. There is another magnetic transition at 12 K. This compound is a metal and it shows several metamagnetic transitions in all different orientations. Our initial analysis suggests that this compound may form a chiral texture at certain intervals of the magnetic field when it is applied along the c-axis.





College of Science: Department of Physics and Astronomy