Welcome to Volume 6 of Narrative & Conflict


  • John M Winslade California State University San Bernardino, United States
  • Sara Cobb




The journal Narrative & Conflict is pleased to present our newest volume. We are excited to feature scholarship from Matthew Levinger on the rise of nationalist narratives, from John Winslade and Michael Williams discussing an innovative restorative narrative practice for working with students returning after a school suspension, and from Diana Anders who critically engages the therapeutic turn in International Humanitarian Law from a narrative perspective.

Volume 6 also includes a thought-provoking book review by Solon Simmons which brings The Once and Future Liberal: After Identity Politics (Lilla 2017) and White Working Class: Overcoming Class Cluelessness in America (Williams 2017) in conversation with one another, using a narrative lens to shed light on the current U.S. political moment.

Finally, we are proud to debut our newest journal section Narrative & Conflict: Notes from the Field. This section will feature thought provoking reflections from scholars and practitioners working on issues related to narrative and conflict, beginning with an interview of Stephen Madigan by John Winslade on the practice of relational interviewing.

We hope you enjoy this volume! In case you missed Volume 5, released Spring 2017 it is available here.

As always, we kindly ask that you keep Narrative & Conflict in mind when thinking of publishing your work in the broader field of narrative in conflict analysis and resolution, and hope you will continue to invite colleagues, collaborators and associates to also consider us for future submissions of articles, monographs, book reviews, or notes from the field (for more information, please visit us at journals.gmu.edu/NandC).



Sara Cobb & John Winslade, Editors






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