Peer Review Workgroup Report

  • Lorena Barba Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, George Washington University
  • Nancy Davenport University Librarian, American University
  • Lacey Earle Vice President of Business Development, Cabell's
  • Ann Gabriel Vice President Global Academic & Research Relations, Elsevier
  • Mark Newton Director of Digital Scholarship, Columbia University Libraries
  • Abel Packer Co-founder and director, SciELO
  • Richard Price Founder and CEO,


Building on the peer review workgroupââ¬â¢s proposals from OSI2016, this workgroup will develop a broader and clearer description of peer review that considers the different needs for different stages of review, as well as discuss possibly emerging issues such as the need to promote uniform interpretation and enforcement of peer review definitions, and will develop proposals for moving forward.