Culture of Communication Workgroup Report


  • Barbara DeFelice Program Director for Scholarly Communication, Copyright, and Publishing, Dartmouth College Libraries
  • Susan Haigh Executive Director, Canadian Association of Research Libraries
  • Barrett Matthews State Authorizations Coordinator, The George Washington University
  • Dan Morgan Digital Science Publisher, University of California Press
  • Eric L. Olson Community Engagement & Support Specialist, ORCID
  • Leslie J. Reynolds Senior Associate Dean, University of Colorado Libraries
  • Rachel G. Samberg Scholarly Communication Officer, UC Berkeley Library
  • Jason Steinhauer Director, Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest, Villanova University
  • Mary Yess Deputy Executive Director, The Electrochemical Society



Following a common thread from throughout OSI2016, this workgroup will develop partnership proposals for this community to work together to improve the culture of communication inside academia, particularly inside research. As part of this effort, it may be important to clarify messaging surrounding the benefits and impacts of open access (OA) inside academia, particularly inside research. It may also be important to determine what resources and information are needed before this messaging can be effective, including showing the benefits of OA to a skeptical research community; addressing the many concerns of stakeholders; clearly explaining its pros and cons; and demonstrating the case for why the transition to OA is worth the trouble.