Underserved Populations and Information Underload Workgroup Report

  • Helena Asamoah-Hassan Executive Director, African Library and Information Associations (AfLIA)
  • Sioux Cumming Programme Manager Journals Online, INASP
  • Richard Gedye Director of Outreach Programmes, STM and Publisher Coordinator, Research4Life
  • Susan Murray Director, African Journals Online
  • Bhanu Neupane Program Manager, UNESCO
  • Williams Nwagwu Head of Knowledge Management, Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA)
  • Talmesha Richards Chief Academic and Diversity Officer, STEMConnector
  • Margaret Winker Secretary, World Association of Medical Editors


A new issue for OSI2017, this workgroup will focus on the unique challenges faced by the global south, the global diversity of scholarly communication, and the different issues, challenges and opportunities in both underserved regions of the world and underserved segments (like small colleges and small research firms). This group will also follow up on the information underload issue explored in OSI2016 (specific to research).