At-Large Workgroup: Themes and Observations

Ali Andalibi, Todd Carpenter, Nina K. Collins, Joann C. Delenick, Sindy Escobar-Alvarez, Steve Fiore, William Gunn, Nancy Gwinn, Norbert Lossau, Judy Luther, Dave McColgin, Meredith Morovati, T. Scott Plutchak, Jessica Sebeok, Concetta Seminara, Susan Skomal, Mark Ware, John W. Warren, Mary Woolley, Grace Xiao, John Zenelis


The At-Large group was the largest and most diverse in terms of stakeholder representation. At-large delegates observed workgroup conversations during the meeting and contributed to these conversations while letting the workgroup teams answer their questions. At-large delegates met during the conference and convened online both before and after the conference in order to develop some high level takeaways based on what they observed. While workgroups focused on answering a particular big question confronting scholarly publishing, at-large delegates had a wide-angle lens on the evolution of these questions and proceedings.

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