Report from the Evolving Open Solutions (1) Workgroup


  • Geoffrey Bilder Director of Strategic Initiatives, CrossRef
  • Adyam Ghebre Director of Outreach, Authorea
  • Melinda Kenneway Executive Director, Kudos
  • Robert Kiley Head of Digital Services, Wellcome Library, Wellcome Trust
  • Elizabeth Kirk Associate Librarian for Information Resources, Dartmouth College
  • Paul Murphy Director of Publishing, Rand Corporation
  • Joshua Nicholson CEO and Co-Founder, The Winnower
  • Peter Potter Director of Publishing Strategy, Virginia Tech
  • Matthew Salter Publisher, American Physical Society
  • Frank Sander Director, Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL), Max Planck Society



OSI2016 Workgroup Question

Are the scholarly publishing tools weââ¬â¢re using today still the right ones? Is the monograph still the best format in the humanities? Is the journal article still best in STM? These products can be difficult to produce and edit, nearly impenetrable to read, andââ¬âas in the case of clinical research informationââ¬âthey arenââ¬â¢t necessarily the best-suited formats for capturing every piece of necessary information (like protocols and datasets in medical research) and showing how this information is all connected to other scholarship. What other formats and options are being considered or used? What are the prospects of change? How about the stakeholder universe itself? How are roles, responsibilities and expectations changing (and where might they end up)? Are we ââ¬Åsettlingââ¬Â on half-measures or on the best possible solutions?