Editorial Board


Cynthia Ross


Associate Editors

Craig Benjamin
Big History

Sharon Cohen
Consultant, Advanced Placement World History
Teaching and Learning Programs

Wendy Eagan
Visual Literacy

Marc Jason Gilbert
World History, South and Southeast Asia, former Editor

Tom Laichas
Intellectual History, co-founding Editor

Angela Lee
Social Media, Active Learning Strategies

Suzanne Litrel
World History, Latin America, Portuguese Atlantic World, Active Learning Strategies

Nikki Magie
World History, Latin America, Immigration

John Maunu
Digital Resources

Stephen Morillo
Medieval and Military History

Vera Parham
Indigenous Histories

Jonathan T. Reynolds
Africa and the Middle East in World History

Saundra Schwartz
Premodern World History

Christine Skwiot
U. S. and Oceania

Heather Streets-Salter
Southeast Asia, co-founding Editor

Bill Strickland
Instructional Resources

Rick Warner
Latin America, the Middle East
Food in World History