World History Connected Celebrates 20th Anniversary


World History Connected was founded in 2003 and has been formally an affiliate of the World History Association since 2006, making it 20 years of serving the world history community. It serves as a means of creating community among all those devoted to research and teaching world history. Ideally, any work in world history can be made relevant in terms of both increasing our understanding of micro- and macro-historical processes, and also contributing to classroom instruction and curriculum development. Not every article in this e-journal is so “connected,” but published reviews, its contributing authors, and its 1.85 million annual readers (6 million “hits”) have judged this e-journal successful achieving it dual goal (the WHA’s own) in supporting and disseminating globally their research and scholarship of teaching. This result is aided by the double-blind peer review process conducted by experienced world historians and educators devoted to achieving its  objectives. Peer reviewers and editors seek to assist prospective authors to reach the highest standards for accessible writing, referencing, and formatting, whether the article is, or is not, accepted for publication.  Its editorial staff includes recent presidents of the WHA and distinguished AP and Master Teachers, who are all unpaid volunteers.

Those interested in submitting articles to the journal should write to the Editor, Marc Jason Gilbert, at, with the subject line “WHC Submission.” Prospective authors of articles should incorporate into their submissions the user-friendly “Submission and Style Guide” that can be acquired by writing directly to the editor, or downloaded from the website (

Book reviews are welcome via preliminary contact with the journal’s Book Review Editor, Cynthia Ross, at

Besides individual articles, book reviews, its list of books available for review, and special features such as interviews with world historians, the journal seeks Guest Editors who wish to create one of its curated topical sections (“Forums”) that help WHC keep as close as possible to the needs of its audience and developments in the field.

The journal is published 3 times a year (Winter, Spring and Fall) and offers additional content through its social media editors, Angela Lee (, Suzanne Litrel  (, and Joseph Snyder (