About the Journal

World History Connected, an affiliate of the World History Association since 2003serves as a means of creating community among all those devoted to research and teaching world history. Ideally, any work in world history can be made relevant in terms of both increasing our understanding of micro- and macro-historical process and also contributing to classroom instruction and curriculum development. Not every article in the journal is so “connected,” but it has been the almost universal experience of authors who have published in WHC that their efforts have been greatly enhanced in terms of communicating their ideas and  broadening their own perspectives, whether in regard to their archivally-based research or teaching methodology. This is accomplished via a peer reviews process that treats all submissions with respect and seeks to assist them to reach the highest standards for accessible writing, referencing, and formatting: the journal never sends an author a one-line letter of rejection. Peer reviewers include past presidents of both the American Historical and World History Associations and master teachers at all levels of instruction.  Articles appear in the journal as Guest edited “Forums” devoted to topics such as “The American West in World History,” derived open Calls for Papers or in a section devoted to  individual articles.  It publishes three time a year, in Fall, Winter and Spring under the auspices of George Mason University Press.