Scholarly Libraries & Library Groups Stakeholder Report


  • Helena Asamoah-Hassan Executive Director, African Library and Information Associations (AfLIA)
  • Marilyn Billings Scholarly Communication & Special Initiatives Librarian, UMass Amherst
  • Jessica Clemons Associate University Librarian for Research Education and Outreach, SUNY-Buffalo
  • Lorcan Dempsey Vice President of Membership & Research and Chief Strategist, OCLC
  • Shira Eller Art & Design Librarian, George Washington University
  • Celeste Feather Senior Director of Licensing and Strategic Partnerships, Lyrasis
  • Terri Fishel Library Director, Macalester College
  • Nancy Gwinn Director, Smithsonian Institution Libraries
  • Susan Haigh Executive Director, Canadian Associate of Research Libraries
  • Martin Kalfatovic Associate Director, Smithsonian Libraries
  • Barrett Matthews Copyright & Scholarly Agreements Specialist, George Washington University
  • Meg Oakley Director of Copyright & Scholarly Communications, Georgetown
  • Stephanie Orfano Head of Scholarly Communications, University of Toronto
  • Leslie Reynolds Senior Associate Dean of Libraries, University of Colorado Boulder
  • William Simpson Associate Librarian and Institutional Repository Librarian, University of Delaware
  • Christine Stamison Director, NorthEast Research Libraries Consortium (NERL)
  • Denise Stephens University Librarian, UC Santa Barbara
  • Morgan Stoddard Director of Research Services, George Washington University
  • Megan Wacha Scholarly Communications Librarian, City University of New York



Representatives of the OSI2017 Scholarly Libraries and Library Groups stakeholder group were tasked with (1) Summarizing the various perspectives involved in the library community with regard to open access, (2) Describing areas of general agreement and disagreement and the issues and questions that may be powering these different viewpoints, and (3) Proposing a set of specific actions or outcomes that can balance the needs and interests of all members of this group (or a mechanism for finding solutions or bridging gaps), as well as the challenges these actions face and how they can be addressed in a realistic and collaborative way.






Stakeholder Reports