Institutional Repositories Workgroup Report


  • Geraldine Clement-Stoneham Knowledge and Information Manager, Medical Research Council, RCUK
  • Najko Jahn Scholarly Communication Analyst, University of Gottingen
  • Catherine Mitchell President, Library Publishing Coalition and Director, Access & Publishing Group, California Digital Library
  • Jake Orlowitz Head of The Wikipedia Library, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Dave Ross Executive Director, Open Access, SAGE Publishing
  • William Simpson Associate Librarian and Institutional Repository Librarian, University of Delaware
  • Andrew Tein Vice President, International Government Partnerships, Wiley



Our task in the second OSI convening of the institutional repository workgroup was to propose a way forward for repository and infrastructure solutions: detailing whatââ¬â¢s needed before action can be taken, what this action should look like, and what actors should be involved.

Our main recommendation is directional: repositories must evolve and move toward interoperability and sustainability.

  • Repositories should be diverse, decentralized, interoperable networks across the world.
  • It is time for repository staff to shift focus more towards interoperability (policy-driven, research-relevant, and standards-based) and less on supporting content.
  • The scholarly communication community should be incentivized to make choices related to repositories that are more sustainable.

The scope and power of OSI lies in clarifying what this means and coordinating (or suggesting coordination) among existing stakeholders. OSI is not currently able to sustain, support, or itself build the solutions.