Scholarly Communication Publishing Experts Stakeholders Report


  • Bryan Alexander Bryan Alexander Consulting, LLC
  • Suzie Allard CCI Associate Dean for Research, Director of Center for Information & Communication Studies, & Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Eric Archambault CEO, 1Science
  • Marilyn Billings Scholarly Communication & Special Initiatives Librarian, UMass-Amherst
  • Hillary Corbett Director, Scholarly Communication & Digital Publishing; University Copyright Officer, Northeastern University
  • Sheree Crosby Vice President of Global Marketing at Cabell's
  • John G. Dove Information Industry Consultant
  • Lacey Earle Vice President of Business Development at Cabell's
  • Christopher Erdmann Chief Strategist for Research Collaboration, NCSU
  • Adrian Ho Director of Digital Scholarship, University of Kentucky
  • Najko Jahn Electronic Publishing, SUB Göttingen
  • Roy Kaufman Managing Director, New Ventures, Copyright Clearance Center
  • Barrett Matthews State Authorizations Coordinator, George Washington University
  • Catherine Mitchell Director, Publishing, California Digital Library
  • Eric L. Olson Community Engagement & Support Specialist, ORCID
  • T. Scott Plutchak Director, Digital Curation, University of Alabama’s Office of the Provost
  • Rachael G. Samberg Scholarly Communication Officer, University of California, Berkeley, Library







Stakeholder Reports