Cryptocurrency Regulations and the Effects


  • DHRUV KALSI School of Business, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
  • Jiasun Li School of Business, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA



The cryptocurrency industry's rapid growth revolutionized global finance, presenting regulatory challenges that demand a balanced and adaptable framework. This research project addresses the knowledge gap by conducting a comprehensive review of crypto-related regulations from 2010 to the present, encompassing significant events in the United States and worldwide. 

Through extensive secondary sources, including news articles, government archives, and research reports, we chronicle the regulatory milestones shaping the industry. A scientific approach ensures access to first-hand sources, providing a detailed understanding of the regulatory landscape. Our analysis covers legislative initiatives, governmental actions, financial institution interactions, and key legal cases. By contextualizing regulations with market developments, we identify patterns, illuminating the interplay between regulations and industry growth. Findings hold crucial implications for policymakers, investors, businesses, and the broader crypto community, aiding the navigation of the evolving regulatory environment and fostering a sustainable and compliant ecosystem. This study enhances academic understanding of cryptocurrency regulations and informs future policy discussions. 





School of Business: Department of Finance