A Tool Managing Private Studios


  • VIRAJ KAMATH Oakton High School, Vienna, VA
  • Fei Li Department of Computer Science, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia




A tool of managing personal studios is important and useful for private lesson teachers, such as piano teachers, violin teachers, personal training coaches/tutors, etc. Such a management tool can reduce the teachers' time significantly in scheduling classes, keep a clear picture of students/trainees' progress, make the communications between the teachers and the students efficiently and quickly, and provide insightful feedback on the past experience to help the teachers make plans. The product we are going to develop is a software tool, working as a web applications and an app on smart phones. This tool helps private lesson teachers to manage their studios in a time-efficient manner and to get analytical results on the performance of the studios.  We are going to build a product with advanced scheduling algorithms and machine learning algorithms to help private lesson teachers improve class management efficiency and make decisions based on insightful, analytical performance. We apply machine learning algorithms to provide insightful feedback to the teachers and the students. At the current moment, we provide auto-classification on piano pieces. We are currently working on the performance analysis of these algorithms, theoretically and empirically.





College of Engineering and Computing: Department of Computer Science