• Vol. 1 (2020)

    Welcome to the inaugural volume of the Journal of Modern Mobility Systems. 

  • Vol. 2 (2021)

    Volume 2 of JMMS (2021)

  • Vol. 3 (2022)

    Journal of Modern Mobility Systems (JMMS) publishes peer-reviewed research briefs (1700 words or less[1]) with a targeted turnaround time of three months or less. To merit publication in JMMS, articles should highlight a significant new discovery or an innovative methodology that is of interest to the community of transportation practitioners and researchers at large in areas related to modern mobility systems.

    The overarching goal of Journal of Modern Mobility Systems (JMMS) is to provide a high-quality venue to display time-critical research on a public venue that can positively impact society. Because technology and its impact on transportation systems are evolving at a faster pace in the recent years, the primary objective of (JMMS) is to facilitate the publication of cutting-edge, peer-reviewed research works in a timely manner. Specifically, JMMS strives to obviate the need for researchers to await a six- to twelve-month turn around time for presentation at a major conference or publication in a leading journal. From our perspective, it is also important to assure that authors retain the rights to their work while parts of their research results are disseminated quickly through JMMS.

    Since we launched JMMS in 2020, we faced several challenges – some pandemic related and some personal in nature for the key persons behind this effort. Currently, those challenges are behind us. Despite the challenges, we kept the JMMS’ promise on the turnaround times (from submission to publication) to be within 3 months. 

    The third issue (Vol. 3, 2022) of JMMS will be published by mid January 2023. For Volume 4 (2023), we are encouraging submissions on research works that are related to the broad areas of transportation systems with focus on modern innovations on mobility. 

    We are anticipating and looking forward to a robust year ahead for JMMS.  


    Mohan Venigalla
    Thomas Brennan

    Co-Editors in Chief
    Journal of Modern Mobility Systems

    January 5, 2023.


    [1] The limit of 1700 words was adapted from the now discontinued extended abstract format used for TRB annual meeting proceedings. Length exceptions may be made for some papers with proper justification. In no case the length of the abstract and paper should exceed 200 and 2000 words, respectively.