Research Interests Narrative


  • Sara King George Mason University



302M, Research questions, Writing as expression, Face to Face


The Research Interests Narrative essay is assigned at the beginning of the semester, along with the Discipline Awareness Project, and is usually due by Week 4, providing the foundation for the major research project in the class, a literature review. The paper evolves from class discussions of assigned readings*, small group work with students of related majors, and in-class writing, all of which encourage students to reflect on experiences that have shaped their current academic or professional interests and to identify questions that have motivated and guided them, including one that they would like to pursue for their literature review. This assignment is suitable for all versions of English 302, but may be particularly meaningful to 302M students, who often lack significant research experience in their major or have some ambivalence about their major. It is designed to help students identify a research topic that truly interests them early in the semester so that they are engaged and invested in the work required for their major research assignments. It supports the core English 302 SaS learning outcome: âArticulate and refine a question, problem, or challenge.â  

Included files: Research Interests Narrative essay assignment (KingAssignment), Instructorâs Notes, including suggestions for assigned readings (KingInstructorsNotes), a handout guiding students through consideration of the assigned readings (KingActivity1), and a prompt for the in-class writing exercise (KingActivity2). 



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