Professional Association Activity and Rhetorical Analysis of Scholarly Genre


  • Virginia Hoy George Mason University



Key Terms, Discipline Awareness, Genre, Rhetorical Awareness, Rhetorical Context, Source evaluation


This rhetorical analysis paper is assigned early in the semester and would be appropriate for any version of English 302. It draws on a prior, in-class activity that asks each student to identify, and provide an overview of, a professional association in their discipline. It requires them to apply what they have learned about rhetorical contexts and genre during the first several classes of the semester to scholarly work in their individual area of study. Students identify the mission statement of their association, examine the group's scholarly journal in detail, and select a peer reviewed article to determine how the author(s)' choice of genre helps to advance the goals of their discourse community. This involves a detailed rhetorical analysis as well as biographical information on the lead author and the journal's editor. The professional associations activity and discussion of the paper take one class period and the latter is due the following week; it may be revised within one week after the original paper is graded.

This assignment is designed to support learning outcomes set by the English Department and the Students as Scholars (SaS) program, including adding to students' understanding of how knowledge is created and transmitted in their field and of the generic conventions governing its dissemination.

Files included: prompt for the Professional Associations Activity (HoyActivity), the Rhetorical Analysis assignment (HoyAssignment), and Instructor's Notes (HoyInstructorsNotes). 

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Virginia Hoy, George Mason University

Instructor, Composition



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