Literature Review Assignment

Psyche Z. Ready


In this final paper assigned to students in English 302M, students are asked to select 6 credible sources on a topic of their interest within their discipline, and to synthesize their findings in a researched Literature Review paper. Two items are included in this submission. This assignment and the activities leading up to it support the English 302 Learning Outcomes: critical reading strategies; identify, evaluate, and use research sources; recursive writing; supporting arguments with evidence.

Included files: The Instructor's Notes (ReadyInstructorsNotes), which detail how to incorporate this assignment into the 302 classroom and the assignment prompt distributed to students (ReadyAssignment), which includes instructions for the final paper and for two preliminary activities--the proposal and the poster presentation--as well as an overview of the suggested structure for the paper.


302M; Face to Face; Evidence; GMU scholarship; Research; Research Project; Research question


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