What is Publishing? (1)

  • Amy Brand Director, MIT Press
  • James Butcher Publishing Director, Nature Journals, Nature Publishing Group
  • Meg Buzzi Director, Opus Program, UCLA
  • Kathleen Fitzpatrick Director of Scholarly Communication, Modern Language Association (MLA)
  • Ann Gabriel Vice President, Academic & Research Relations, Elsevier
  • Rikk Mulligan Program Officer for Scholarly Publishing, Association of Research Libraries (ARL)
  • Vivian Siegel Director of Education and Training, Global Biological Standards Institute, Vanderbilt University
  • Matt Spitzer Community Manager, Center for Open Science (COS)
  • Jamie Vernon Director of Science Communications and Publications at Sigma Xi and Editor-in-Chief, American Scientist


What do we mean by publishing in todayââ¬â¢s world? What should be the goals of scholarly publishing? What are the ideals to which scholarly publishing should aspire? What roles might scholarly publishers have in the future? What scenarios exist where publishers continue to play a vital role but information moves more freely? What impact might these reforms have on the health of publishers? Scholarly societies? Science research? Why?