ON DEMAND: Using Audiovisual Materials in a Flipped Language Classroom (5 mins)


  • Jihye Moon George Mason University
  • Jianfei Chen George Mason University




This session aims to discuss how authentic audiovisual materials can be effectively used in a flipped classroom setting for online or hybrid courses. The major advantage of using authentic materials include exposing learners to target forms or themes in context and preparing them for real-world situations and problems. Authentic materials are also abundant in cultural references that are particularly useful for language learning and teaching, so that they can often complement traditional language textbooks. However, using authentic materials that are not modified to fit target learners’ proficiency level poses major challenges to both language learners and language instructors. The session proposes a model where authentic materials can be adequately and appropriately used for all proficiency levels which works particularly well in a flipped classroom setting. Specifically, the model suggests designing activities using authentic materials that are aligned with the three modes of communication (i.e., interpretive, interpersonal, presentational). In addition, it will be examined how authentic materials can be used to meet each of the four standards of flipped learning, that is, flexible environment, learning culture, intentional content, and professional educator. The presenters will share how they designed their own courses (i.e., KORE 321 Korean Proficiency through Visual Culture: Webtoon-based Korean Dramas, CHIN 485 China on Stage: Introduction to Chinese Theatrical Dramas) using authentic audiovisual materials. Through this session, instructors across different disciplines will be able to gain specific ideas as to how to design activities involving authentic audiovisual materials and to create an optimal flipped learning environment.

Author Biography

Jihye Moon, George Mason University

****ATEA 2017 Winner****





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