Alternative Learning Tools In Small Group Activities

  • Mario Glizzoi George Mason University


Location: JC Room G

I will present an activity that informs about the class preconceived knowledge on a general topic, allowing to focus on the most pressing gaps and misconceptions. The activity involves think-pair-share, concept visualization, and peer reviews between groups. It is well suited for active learning classes, but can be easily adapted to any set up and subject. Participants will practice the activity on a basic astronomy topic and then try to adapt it to their class.

Author Biography

Mario Glizzoi, George Mason University

Dr. Mario Gliozzi is an Associate Professor in the Physics and Astronomy Department at George Mason University, where he teaches astronomy with the active learning approach and does research in the field of X-ray extragalactic astronomy focused on the investigation of the physical conditions of matter around black holes.

2:10pm-2:25pm Teaching Activity Showcase