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Philosophy & Public Policy Quarterly

Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly publishes papers that address the normative and conceptual dimensions of important and timely issues in public policy. The Quarterly provides open access to current and archived issues.

Please see the journal's submission page to submit a manuscript or view the author guidelines.

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New Voices In Public Policy

New Voices in Public Policy is a student-run journal published by the GMU Graduate School of Public Policy (SPP). It is student- and faculty-reviewed, and features outstanding work by the students in all SPP degree programs. It provides a forum for insightful analyses, new approaches to significant policy questions, and the best examples of student writing from the school's diverse programs.

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Journal of Mason Graduate Research

JMGR provides Mason, and the broader academic community, a quality peer-reviewed, open access journal for graduate research.

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Narrative and Conflict: Explorations in Theory and Practice

Narrative and conflict seeks to elaborate narrative perspectives of conflict resolution and conflict analysis. The premise of this perspective is the idea that stories are corporeal and interactive. They are more than reports of what is happening; how they are produced, circulated or circumvented gives shape to what people do. In addition, conflict resolution analyses and practices focused on intentionally facilitating shifts in the available narratives have the possibility to shift relationships between people or groups of people. Narrative and conflict publishes articles on conflict resolution and conflict analysis at local, national and international levels.


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